Our Chiefs


Those who cook with us

  • John JarrettChief Cook

    Minimal manipulation. Call it the backbone behind Chef John Jarrett’s signature rustic palate, which he describes as “throwback American nostalgia” by way of farmer’s market stock, nature scraps, and the principle of honoring the purity of whole foods. The Brooklyn raised butcher, currently at Alimento.

  • Jacob WebberChief Cook

    A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Jacob Webber found his calling to cuisine while an English student at Ohio State University. He enrolled in the renown French Culinary Institute in New York City and embraced his new career with passion. Upon graduation he worked in French restaurants in Cincinnati.

  • Patrick BakerChief Cook

    Born in Québec City, Patrick Baker was already showing his culinary inclination at the age of five, when he surprised his parents by ordering “escargots” at a restaurant. By the age of 15, he had developed a full-fledge passion for good food and knew that we wanted to study culinary arts.

  • Jessica WaltersChief Cook

    Beginning her professional career as a corporate marketing executive, Chef Jessica Walters gave up her lucrative job to pursue her passion for food and cooking to enter the culinary industry. Her classical training included studying in European countries such as Venice, Italy,